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Search Phrases

Saturday, May 31st, 2003

I figured I’d post the search phrase list of what people were looking for on the samaBlog this month. It’s interesting to look through. Read as hits, phrase, and then %. Not sure what the % means exactly. But there it is.

samablog 4 8 %
juicy fruit attack kitten 3 6 %
e is for pants 3 6 %
nude iraqi women 2 4 %
high school girls haze with feces paint video 2 4 %
iloo microsoft photo 2 4 %
cash gift etiquette graduation 1 2 %
cat caught on a ceiling fan video 1 2 %
sarah silverman jimmy kimmel 1 2 %
spam is killing email 1 2 %
ackroyd jim belushi music 1 2 %
i like big butts apple ipod commercial 1 2 %
nokia cat video 1 2 %
ipod sir mix-a-lot commercial 1 2 %
i like big butts bin laden apple commercial 1 2 %
commercial ipod sir mixalot 1 2 %
movies mr. rogers funeral 1 2 %
chimpanzee wearing diaper 1 2 %
high school girls haze with feces paint 1 2 %
doyle st. sebastian s 1 2 %
masturbate-a-thon video 1 2 %
name and email addresses of top businessmen and bankers 2003 in america 1 2 %
nokia intermittent losing signal 1 2 %
bath houses exercised socialized 1 2 %
i like big butts mp3 1 2 %
funny osma games 1 2 %
zogbyblog 1 2 %
the mighty heros rope man 1 2 %
the mighty heros 1 2 %
nude iraqi 1 2 %
jim belushi dan ackroyd cd 1 2 %
pillsbury cressent rolls 1 2 %
apple big butts imusic 1 2 %
mit students peeing video game 1 2 %
provenzo libertarian 1 2 %
dan ackroyd jim belushi 1 2 %
nicholas provenzo 1 2 %
i like big butts and i don t know why 1 2 %
the mighty heroes buy 1 2 %
i like big butts apple computer 1 2 %


Blogging Attracts The Big Boys

Saturday, May 31st, 2003

Looks like AOL is creating their own blogging software. Article has some quotes from MT people about how they expect AOL to adhere to open standards like trackback and pings, and I expect they’re right. But this will still represent real competition for the likes of MT.

At the end of the article they mention that Microsoft is developing their own blog offering as well. No word as of yet as to what that would be. I think MS is in a quandry here. Do they a) incorporate it into MSN thus competing directly with AOL or b) do they build it into Windows Server 2003, letting every ISP who offers Windows offer blogs to their customers or c) some combination of the two. I think that option b offers the neatest possibilities, and given the popularity of blogging (and the recognition that the average user is never going to pay much for blogging software) I think they’d be best off using MS Blog as hook to draw more ISPs away from Linux, selling more copies of Windows Server.

This is in essence what MT should have done as well. MT could have sold volume licenses to ISPs, enabling them to distinguish themselves as MT-ISPs, saving novice users the hassle of getting it installed on their own. Instead they seem to be going the blogger route, offering their own service directly. I wish them luck.

But MS employing such a strategy could produce some really cool results and solve the problem with blogging today. The problem with blogging software today is where it resides, almost no matter where it resides. MT resides on the server, which is cool because I can get to it no matter whose computer I’m on, unless of course, it’s my laptop and I’m on an airplane or in a car and can’t get to the Internet. Radio Userland resides on the desktop and just FTPs the index files up to the server for you, but that only works if you only blog from one machine. And you’ll have to reconfigure the software any time you rebuild or change machines.

The answer is that you really need it in both places, so you can write an entry that will post automatically reconnect if you’re on a laptop, but can still access the blog software from the Internet. What’s even cooler about MS though, is that they’re on so many platforms they could extend the reach of the blog to previously unknown areas. For example, imagine blogging on your PocketPC and having the entry upload the next time you sync. Or better yet, imagine talking into your Microsoft SmartPhone, and the phone records your blog entry, sends it to the MS Blog server where a speech recognition engine deciphers it and posts a text blog entry for you, which you can later clean up when you get back to your desk. I know that some programmers are working on some solutions that get us part of the way there, but MS could make it happen overnight. And when they do that, will you still be using MT or will you be tempted to switch?

That’s what I thought.

Hmmm… maybe I should see if Calzone would write an AvantGo app to allow me to post to MT via ActiveSync… hmmm…



Friday, May 30th, 2003

I know, this blog has grown increasingly more technology focused, and less politically focused. I’ve got some political things to say, but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, Cringely continues to write about Microsoft and the SCO controversy. He speculates that they’re going to put Windows on Unix or Linux as a shell, sort of like Mac OS X on top of Free BSD. I agree. I think it makes a lot of sense.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend, a Linux enthusiast, some years ago. I called up this friend of mine, and told him that I’d heard that MS was going to port Windows to Linux, that they were requiring their PC vendors to carry MS Linux if they sold Linux machines, and that MS had added certain “expansions” to their version of Linux that the rest of the Linux community hadn’t accepted. I told him that I thought that this looked like MS was going to fork Linux, and that it had a good chance of taking the project over entirely, given the vast number of MS Linux copies it would push.

I, of course, was making it all up as a gag. As expected, my friend was aghast.

I thought it was funny. But if Cringely’s right, it’s actually happening. Pretty cool spectator sport at the very least if you ask me.



Friday, May 30th, 2003

Blog Hassan is a great blog and I never see it linked to from anywhere or mentioned or anything.

The guy doesn’t conform to normal standards of blogging in his style or layout. And all he ever does is write letters to people. But his letters are way cool, especially the connections he makes between Geoege Lucas’ movies and the Clintons.

Maybe he’s nuts.

Maybe he’s brilliant.

I think he’s damned entertaining, and well worth reading. Go take a look.


Calling It Quits?

Friday, May 30th, 2003

Is Warmongering Illustrated calling it quits?

I sure hope not.


Lil Pimp

Friday, May 30th, 2003

You may not have heard of the cartoon Lil Pimp, but during the dot com hey day, it was a cult classic. It’s about a little white kid who owns a gerbil with touretts and takes to the street as a pimp, replete with black gangsta friends. It was always a real treat every week when the new cartoon came out. It was kind of like a vulgar Homestar Runner in that respect.

Well, during the height of the cartoon’s popularity, it got signed to be made into a movie. I remember looking forward to it, but like most dot coms, the makers of the cartoon seemed to go bust, and I hadn’t heard of the movie since.

Well, it turns out that the movie has been scrapped. The story of what happened to it sounds like typical Hollywood bullshit. They tried bringing in celebrities to do the voices instead of the original cast, and they tried adding action scenes because they figured action movies were hot, etc. In the end, they made a movie that doesn’t sound too much like the original Flash cartoon. And it was too offensive. They screened it for minority groups, who walked out of the theater, disgusted.

I have no idea where all those old cartoons are now. The Lil Pimp website only has two cartoons up, which give you a feel for what it was all about. That’s too bad. So many great creative projects like that and Radiskull just wound up getting dropped in the middle of the crash. I think there’d be some bargains to be bought for an enterprising Hollywood type willing to take a risk.



Friday, May 30th, 2003

It’s time to make another addition to the Mutual Admiration Society. Allow me to introduce to you the blog:


by Robert Prather. Robert’s blog has a political flavor that I find appealing, and he writes intelligent missives that make you think, such as his recent thoughts on the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution. That, and he did promise to get me that phone number from Bruce Almighty so I can call it and see what happens. That makes him cool to boot. So go check him out. He rocks.


Happy Cecelia Lentine Day!

Thursday, May 29th, 2003

I just got back from my aunt’s, Cecelia Lentine’s, retirement party. She’s been the administrative assistant for the personnel department for the Town of Watertown here in Massachusetts for the past 29 years. That meant that everyone who’s been hired to work for the town in the past 29 years was, in some way, first screened by my aunt. Well, there was obviously a lot of love in the room for her retirement, and people were sad to see her go. It was a nice party.

But what was surprising to me was that they somehow managed to get the governor of Massachusetts to proclaim this day to officially be Cecelia Lentine Day. They read the proclamation aloud at the gathering. I thought that was amazing. A whole day, named after my aunt.

So whatever else you may happen to be doing today, and I think we know that there’s lots to celebrate, raise a drink in honor of Cecelia Lentine Day, even if you’re not from Massachussetts. And pass along the word.



Happy Birthday Trout!

Thursday, May 29th, 2003

I guess today is Trout’s birthday day. Er, well, actually, Trout’s birthday was yesterday, but due to Blogger issues I didn’t see his blog all day. Anyways, go over to his blog and wish him a happy birthday!


Happy 50th playboy!

Thursday, May 29th, 2003

Who’d have thought George Will would be writing a missive on Playboy’s 50th anniversary? Way to be, George!