Carnival of the Capitalists

Come one, come all. This is the Carnival of the Capitalists!

I have hosted the Carnival of the Capitalists as a blogging birthday celebration of sorts for three years now. My actual birthday is Wednesday, and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate online than by spending time thinking about free markets and free minds.

With that having been said, before I begin I’d like to call attention to a new blog my friend, Julia, just started up. It’s called Random Apps of Kindness, and it’s mostly about her adventures enjoying the food scene in Boston. It’s a great blog, so go check it out.

Without further delay, let’s begin. In no particular order:


4 Responses to “Carnival of the Capitalists”

  David Foster Says:

The link to my post is messed up (Photon Courier)

  David Porter Says:

I wasn’t able to get together a post for this weeks Carnival. I must admit, after seeing the “theme” that I am now glad that I didn’t.

David Porter
Pacesetter Mortgage Company, Inc.

  Asteroid Says:

Evidently the “pace” being “set” buy Mr. Porter is “stodgy”.

  hgstern Says:

Great Carnival, Rob…Thx for hosting! (And I *like* the “theme”)


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