Shaw’s Supermarkets Suck

So it was a wondrous thing to wake up this morning and find my shower drained CLOGGED. Realizing that I had time before heading off to work, I rushed out to my local Shaw’s Supermarket to buy some Professional Strength Liquid Plumr (sic) Gel to unclog the drain. Unfortunately, I went to Shaw’s.

Shaw’s, like most supermarkets these days, has these self check-out machines, which are great for younger more tech-savvy customers like myself, who deplore having to wait in line behind cotton-haired septuagenarians for whom lifting a Cambell’s soup can out of the shopping cart is a half-hour herculean effort. So I go up, scan my Shaw’s card (which say’s I’m Bob Cringely) and scan my item (of course, there’s no discount). I put the item in the bag and the machine yells at me to remove the unauthorized item from the bagging area, and then starts blinking a red light to call over a store employee.

You know, I’m tired of this crap. Seriously tired. EVERY time I go there this fucking happens. Well, maybe not every time, but it happens often enough to be a serious irritant. I’m using the goddamned machine in order to save myself time and now you’re asking me to wait for a goddamned employee to make his way over to me to punch in a code to tell the machine that I’m not fucking stealing. Of course if I were stealing I would never have bothered with the whole bagging process, but never mind logic. This time, I got fed up.

I grabbed my bottle and went and waited in line behind the kindly septuagenarian. Eventually, I made my way out of the store. Of course, the machine was still blinking red, and no employee had bothered to come over to it to see what was the matter. How efficient.

Here’s a few suggestions for the morons who run Shaw’s:

  • Turn down the motion detector’s sensitivity. The person at the machine is not likely a shoplifter. That person already has their item stashed away in their trenchcoat, and is not likely to be bothering with the self-checkout machine.

  • If you’re really that worried about shoplifters, station a person permanently at the self-checkout machines to resolve problems and to observe, like Home Despot does.
  • Stop treating your customers like criminals. Who do you think you are, the RIAA?

< /end rant >

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UPDATE: Thankfully, the Liquid Plumr did its job and the drain is now cleared.


9 Responses to “Shaw’s Supermarkets Suck”

  adamg Says:

This the Shaw’s on Main Street? That place just hasn’t been the same since they took down the murals of Eskimos slaughtering walruses and Zulus stalking lions :-).

  Rob Sama Says:

Nah, it’s the one on River St.

  Kristine Says:

For some reason, I continually use the self-checkout and the same thing happens. I don’t know why I keep using it…I guess I think, “Oh, this will be much faster”, but it never is.

I usually bring my own canvas bags to the supermarket, and apparently the self-checkout things don’t like that. Recently an employee told me that I needed to first put my merchandise in the bags they provide, then after it’s done ringing me up, I can put my merchandise into my own bags.

  Kate Says:

Why didn’t you just go to Walgreens? It is closer to your house.

  Ashley Says:

I work at shaws and yes those machines are a pain in the but seriously tho if u dont like them dont use them we cant control the motion sensibility all have the same problem and this happens because each itm is wieghed and the bag stands are place on a big scale this scale weighs the items when u bad them if the wight doesnt mach the manufactuersweight a csr has to come over and overide it the reason peopl sometimes have to wait is because there are only so many csrs to deal with all the problems of the front end…………The easiest way to avoid this problem is plce the item in the empty space on top of the machine and press skip bagging(for orders 3 itms or less) then after paying for the order grab a bag and place ur itm inside of it

  Ron D. Says:

Its sad to say that shaws treats employs and customers like criminals or thiefs.When theyare the real thiefs When they over charge over 300 percent on there products.I know i work there .

  stefanie Says:

If you have such a hard time using self scans then quit bitching and go through a regular cashiers line! And yes, the person going through self scan IS likely to be a thief. Don’t put shit you haven’t scanned yet on the bagging area and there would be a problem. I work at shaws and quite honestly I’m sick of hearing you customers complain.

  scott Says:

The best thing to happen would be to see all these Shaws store close up.
Market Basket is the number one store. I would never,ever buy anything at Shaws. I deal with Shaws at times as I am a delivery person and I can say to the stores I go to,the Managers couldn’t be any ruder and can’t ask you to do something,they have to demand you.
No need of that at all. We all have to work for a living and working together is the key
These managers think there God but they are no better than me or anyone else.
Plus,the prices are so high and you people wonder why your closing all your stores ?

  Cindy Says:

I am not surprised with this. Shaws is not professional, breaks health and food safety rules and policies on a daily basis (They actually made as strict guidelines and from several OSHA standards) overprice food and are complete idiots. (I used to work there, not too long ago).
-I’m always surprised they are still running, and not sued from numerous people. :/


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