Limbaugh Steals

Was just listening to Rush. As usual, it sounded like a regurgitation of the best that the blogosphere has to offer. He quoted this newspaper column by Max Boot, which was also quoted by Instapundit this morning. Rush read the same quote that Instapundit cited, but then he went on, reading REYNOLDS COMMENTS that followed AS IF THEY WERE PART OF THE BOOT ARTICLE!!!

He never cited Glenn Reynolds or Instapundit.

I’ve said before that Limbaugh steals. At least he’s stealing quality, but he’s still a thief.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers! Been having trouble keeping the site up with the Instalanche, but the Google cache of this entry is here. Take a look around and feel free to comment.


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  spacemonkey Says:

In interviews, Glenn Reynolds mentions being accused of blending puppies (being a puppy blender) all the time and I have never heard him mention who accused him. It was Frank J. at IMAO.US!

So it seems Mr Reynolds is guilty of it too.

Strangely, he never mentions his alleged acts of Frank J. punching, hobo murdering or robot dancing.

  Sbaxter Says:

Driving beaucoup miles, it’s become a game for me to count the number of stories I haven’t already seen or read on Drudge, Insta, Malkin, LGF, S&L, etc. This goes for Rush, Sean, Glenn Beck and to some extent, Ingram, Medved, Hewitt and Savage. Having said that, in my opinion they each provide their unique insights and still represent good entertainment value for the cost. Now, if Glenn and Helen would only climb out of their recording studio-well, they too could be radio pundits!

  Joan of Argghh! Says:

If Limbaugh didn’t quote the blogs, everyone would pile on him for being out of touch and behind the curve. Some of us actually work at work and I, for one, appreciate being able to listen to not only the best of the blogosphere, but the fun and entertaining way it is presented. Before the Blogosphere, all we had was Rush.

I think it’s a perfect synergy.

  moptop Says:

I give Rush a pass on this because for so many years, he was the only place you could get the kind of commentary, and news normally suppressed by the Left, we take for granted now. He has his limitations, but we owe him a great debt.

  michael Says:

I heard Rush refer to Glenn Reynolds a few days ago, and in quoting him he referred to him very formally as “Glenn Harland Reynolds”, and with a tone that suggested that Rush didn’t know who he was, and didn’t expect any listener to know who he was. Rush never identified him as the “Instapundit” or said anything that referred to Reynolds’ prominence among bloggers. I thought that was very odd. Almost seems like Rush doesn’t want to publicize the Instapundit site.

  guy Says:

Rush has quoted Virginia Postrel directly also, again without giving credit.

  Michael Says:

Rush might have very good reasons for not wanting to publicize Instapundit or any other website. He has such a large and responsive audience that whenever he gives out a phone number or web address or address the result is a flood of contacts usually beyond the recipient’s ability to handle. If Rush mentioned Instapundit, just the name of the site, not even giving the URL, it would probably crash poor Glenn. I don’t know that that is Rush’s thinking here, I’m just saying its possible.

  mistercalm Says:

I heard Rush Limbaugh refer to him as Glenn Harlan Reynolds, but I guess since I’ve been reading Instapundit for so long I merely took it as an expression of respect. I didn’t take it as him demeaning the blogosphere at all. Oh, well… perception…

  Kathy K Says:

It would be funny if a reference from Rush DID take down Glenn’s site – considering that a mere mention from Glenn takes down other sites right and left. I seriously doubt it would happen, though – Reynolds has mega-bandwidth on a very robust server. :)

I also don’t see the ‘Glenn Harlan Reynolds’ as being other than respectful.

  Pepe Says:

Journalists frequently refer to people who have not previously been in the public eye by their full names to distinguish these newly minted celebrities from other people sharing the same first and last name. E.g. Lee Harvey Oswald, Henry Lee Lucas and John Wayne Gacy.

  Jake Says:

“If Rush mentioned Instapundit, just the name of the site, not even giving the URL, it would probably crash poor Glenn.”

Glenn’s had upwards of half a million people a day visit his site with nary a crash. I don’t think a mention from Rush is going to do it.

  Charlie Says:

In the past year or so, I have noticed Rush using internet material I read before. He usually gives accreditation, but it’s clear he and O’Reilly both are not entirely on board with the blogosphere.

  Doug Says:

As Glenn Reynolds would say, “Jeez.” Rush has never struck me as someone who’s orderly enough to follow the customary forms all the time. He’s speaking, not writing, so he doesn’t get to proofread, let alone correct, what he’s just said. Moreover, he’s moving fast and speaking extemporaneously, composing his show on the fly to a large extent. Not only does he move fast and speak extemporaneously, but he must; his most pressing need is always to remain interesting, not to make sure he’s sticking to the style manual.


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