Couric Morph

I saw this post via Instapundit on Couric being Photoshopped by CBS publicists. So I decided to make this morph of the two images, to better demonstrate how she’s been “slimmed down”.

Here she is superimposed:



14 Responses to “Couric Morph”

  anon Says:

If the camera adds ten pounds, photoshop takes it off

  Steve the LLamabutcher Says:

The animated graphic needs a noise: either a zipping in/out, big sucking breath in, or a squeezzing noise, each of which would be devastatingly funny

  LMC Says:

Where can I learn to do that with photoshop? I’ve got many pictures that I need to work on. LOL

  Joan of Argghh! Says:

Forget the waistline, I like the way they took 5lbs off of her neck!

  nathan Says:

Retouching celebrities, models and movie stars is a time honored tradition. Of course TV news today is more about celebrity than journalistic ability so Katie should be no exception to where retouching is concerned. Unfortunately for these folks it can go both ways. And YIKES!

  Soldier's Dad Says:

It’s SOP for magazines to photoshop pictures of woman. It’s hard to sell the slimfast diets and acne treatments if the model on the front cover is fat and her face is covered with zits. Who would buy the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition if the ladies were all flat chested with thighs filled with cellulite?

  jack on track Says:

Now if they only add some IQ to her brain and some balance to her ideology we may have something worth watching. But I doubt it. Its squirm-in-your-seat and yell-at-the-telly time.

  MrJimm Says:

10 pounds? Looks like they erased about 40 pounds to me!

  jblog Says:

What astounds me is that people think they actually can get away with stuff like this anymore.

Have they ever heard of the Internet?

  CharlieDontSurf Says:

Uh-oh Katie better watch the cheeseburgers or she will lose her perkiness. Couric isn’t even on the air yet, and the fraud has already begun! Actually, I look forward to Katie inheriting Rather’s desk as it demonstrates the true value of the anchor position. Moonves has outdone himself as I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to Rather than to be replace by an airhead.

  Seerak Says:

If you do the “cross-eye” test with the two original images (this is the same way you see the “3D” image in stereograms) all the edited spots literally jump out at you.

  LuvMuch Says:

Really…does it even matter? Doesn’t everyone already know that virtually every picture that appears on a magazine cover has been touched up to make the subject look as good as believably possible (sometimes beyond belief…O mag for sure).

What on earth makes this news worthy?

  Michael Says:

I got here by link-jumping from an AP story about “Watch!” magazine retouching Couric’s photo. After realizing that I’d just wasted fifteen minutes reading all of the preceding comments, I have just one question: Don’t any of you people have a life??? Don’t bother to respond. I won’t be back.

  Liz Says:

Michael/13 it took you 15 mins to read all 12 other comments.. I think you need to learn to read as part of your getting a new life.


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