Rush Limbaugh Again

Limbaugh is absolutely losing it again. He’s flipped out over the blogosphere suggesting that conservatives may be better off with dems in control of congress for two years. In particular, this article seems to have set him off.

Rush has, in essence, declared war on the blogosphere, going to far as to declare that it was not the blogosphere that did in Trent Lott, but the MSM and the left. Today’s broadcast may mark a formal break between the Internet and talk radio. yesterday he derisively referred to “that Instapundit guy”…

The ultimate irony here is that Limbaugh has been stealing from the blogosphere for some time, rarely if ever giving credit. I’ve been documenting this for some time (start here and follow the links). I wonder how much Rush’s show would suffer if he didn’t have the blogosphere to lean on as such a crutch.

UPDATE: More here.


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