Rush Limbaugh Again

Limbaugh is absolutely losing it again. He’s flipped out over the blogosphere suggesting that conservatives may be better off with dems in control of congress for two years. In particular, this article seems to have set him off.

Rush has, in essence, declared war on the blogosphere, going to far as to declare that it was not the blogosphere that did in Trent Lott, but the MSM and the left. Today’s broadcast may mark a formal break between the Internet and talk radio. yesterday he derisively referred to “that Instapundit guy”…

The ultimate irony here is that Limbaugh has been stealing from the blogosphere for some time, rarely if ever giving credit. I’ve been documenting this for some time (start here and follow the links). I wonder how much Rush’s show would suffer if he didn’t have the blogosphere to lean on as such a crutch.

UPDATE: More here.


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  brandon Says:

I believe you are far off in your in your analysis, I have listened to Rush and followed blogs for years and he gives plenty of credit for info, especially drudge. And in no means did he declare war, I heard the entire thing. And no offense, i think the blogosphere does believe overestimate its power in politics. Its most useful tool is identifying and clarying information/news for accurate use.

  Frew Says:

What an hysterical response. And full of lies.

Rush doesn’t steal from blogs, he often gives them credit and reads from them on the air, just as he does newspapers reports. Today he mentioned several conservative blogs by name as blogs he reads as part of show prep.

Shame on you.

  Mary Evans Says:

Rush has not declared war on the blogosphere! He named some of the blogs that he reads daily as part of his show prep. He is chastising those conservatives that are calling for republicans to not vote as a punishment to the party. He is 100% correct that that is the most foolish thing they can do, & is giving the drive-by media & the dems. exactly what they want. Any conservative who can’t see the aid they are giving the kooks is foolish. Rush is misquoted daily, & the people who think they are a cut above Rush should really make it a priority to actually listen to Rush’s whole show before making snap judgements on it. Rush is the conservative’s conservative! I have never been to your site before, So I don’t know if you are a con., a lib., or a libertarian- but I do know that your article today completely misrepresents what Rush said today. I know because I listened to the whole program, as I do every day.

  Mary Evans Says:

Also Rush no more steals from the blogosphere, than the blogosphere steals from the news media. Rush uses news, just as you do to correct the spin of the MSM. Rush was the most listened to conservative long before there was a blogoshere. He uses the tools at his disposal just as you guys do, indeed the blogosphere owes a debt to Rush in highlighting conservative blogs. I found Instapundit, Powerline, Hugh Hewitt, Captains Quarters, American Thinker etc. because Rush mentioned them in articles he was sharing with his listeners. So to accuse Rush of stealing is dishonest of you or at least shows your ignorance of what Rush’s program is.

  jack on track Says:

I don’t read his argument the same way as you do. Yes, he is whining about the blogosphere because it is a “competitor” of ideas and discussion to his stranglehold on conservative opinion. But his rant is about the defeatist attitude of conservatives who in his opinion are talking about staying away from the polls to teach the republicans a lesson. That is different than Glenn’s pre-mortem piece. Yes, to Rush it is tangential but I think we are all missing the plot here. Regardless of all the so-called “enforced errors” doesn’t mean game set match. And who do you, with strong conservative or libertarian convictions, want to have controlling congress, court appointment votes and cultural values: Nancy Pelosi or Denny Hastert, Harry Reid or Bill Frist? It really comes down to whether you believe in punishment is better than a greater evil.

  AndyJ Says:

Rush was doing OK when all he had was the WSJ,WaPost,and NYTimes editorial pages. Blogs vs radio is a generational gap. Geezers, who vote out of proportion to their percentage of population, don’t do the internet. Libertarians show up and vote: they don’t attend meetings, they don’t donate funds. Independents make up the swing bloc that tilts the election. How to arouse the Libertarians? Limbaugh seems to be doing it.

  juandos Says:

Well I for one unlike this Sama person did listen to Rush and the following DID NOT happen: “Rush has, in essence, declared war on the blogosphere, going to far as to declare that it was not the blogosphere that did in Trent Lott, but the MSM and the left”…

Rush did NO such thing and to say so is at best an admittance to NOT have listened to the show…

This sort of ranting is what one expects from the Kos site or the Democratic Underground… This leads me to wonder if Sama is really a lib-tard trying to dress up in conservative clothing…

People can judge for themselves by reading the transcript or listening to the monlogue at Rush’s site listed as “Disaster Does Loom If Democrats Win,
and Will Lead to Nomination of McCain”…

What Rush was commenting on is those who WANT TO LOSE TO PROVE A POINT… I have to ask, “just how smart is that point of view?”…

Regarding Trent Lott and Sama’s comment on how the blogs brought him down, well again its obvious, painfully obvious that Sama and other who hold a similer viewpoint AGAIN didn’t do their homework… Does anyone, ANYONE AT ALL remember it was Trent Lott the then Senate Majority Leader was the one that DID NOT push forward with the Clinton trial in the Senate AFTER the House IMPEACHED THE SORRY, SEDITIOUS SON OF A GAMBLING JUICE HEAD?!?!

Does anyone really think that Trent Lott would’ve lost his senior position over the fact that he attended a birthday party and said some POLITICALLY INCORRECT nonsense? Get a grip on reality people!

It sure was convient though that Lott let his mouth lose at the party though…

  Katelynn Says:

You suck! Go look at Rush’s website right now and you will have explained to you clearly what the real situation is. It’s obvious you have a vendetta against Rush Limbaugh, but you’re wrong for that also. I followed your links to your other posts about Rush “stealing” (yeah right) and found out by your first post back in ’04 that you were mistaken. You were mad because you had emailed an idea to Rush and he didn’t acknowledge you- well, you’re dumb. You emailed him at the general public email, which he hardly ever reads himself. He reads the one that he offers to subscribers of his website. So, he most likely never even saw your email. You need to get your facts straight before you start leveraging charges at people. Oh, and by the way, how many times do you think countless numbers of people actually have ripped off and stolen millions of things from Rush? You wouldn’t be able to count. Bottom line: Rush is in no way “at war” with you, and you have no reason to be at war with him, so knock it off.

  Kevin B. O'Reilly Says:

You’ve got a point. Where would Rush have been when he launched his show in the mid-’80s with all the great material he stole from the blogosphere!

  Don Says:

Rush cracks me up. Could he be possibly be more of a GOP apparatchik? Remember the days when he used to be all anti-government and shit? Boy, that changed in a hurry, didn’t it?

Still, I often refer to Glenn Reynolds derisively, so I can’t really fault him there.

But I actually agree with Instapundit. I think we’d be better off with a Democratic House and Senate for the next two years, too! Actually, I think that two years would be a nice prelude to a nice decade and a half of Democratic control. I hope the Democrats do lots of things that really, really piss Sama off. And four years of Deval Patrick’s governorship aren’t going to improve his temperament either.

Katelynn is totally right! I know Rob Sama, and he like totally has this vendetta against Rush. I ran into him at the Dunkin Donuts the other day, and it was all he could talk about: how much he hated Rush and was going to “bring him down!” I was like, shut UP man! I’m trying to enjoy a latte. (Like all liberals, I drink lattes whenever possible.) But Katelynn, you are wrong in one thing: Rush IS at war with Rob. He fears him, and with good reason. Rush knows that someday–not now–but someday, Rob Sama is going to take him down and take his rightful position as the king of right wing talk radio. Then Rob will cast off his right wing guise and reveal himself to be the lib-tard that juandos has pegged him as with uncanny perspicacity. I too, often mistake the SamaBlog for the Daily Kos. They are very similar in content. Suspiciously so.

  pissypat Says:

Don’t be upset with Rush. He isn’t mad at any of the blogger’, but from the sound of you, you’re mad at him.
What he was talking about was one of the bloggers stating “that we shouldn’t vote for any conservative or vote at all to show we are unhappy with how they handle things in the government”. Well, frankly I can’t seem to understand why anyone would think that way. Allowing the democrats to win is not a good idea in any way shape or form. Think about the judicial system. Think about the taxs breaks that they want to take away. Don’t think they wouldn’t do it, because they will. Think of our soldiers, if you don’t think we would cut and run, think again, think Viet Nam. There is no way everyone can be pleased, and if you are angry, do what I do, I write letters every day and surprisingly it works. Not right a way, and sometimes not the complete way I wanted but it opened a door.
But Rush was just answering something that was written in the Washington Times, and he went to the blogosphere to confirm what Tony Blankley wrote. Why shouldn’t he do that. I do! I don’t take what anyone says as gospel. I research.
But if this was true, whoever thought that this not voting was a good idea, really needs to think again. You know the old saying, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”
If you are bothered by what Rush says, call tomorrow and explain that you feel as though he was picking on the blogs and you want to talk to him about it and if you are the one that wrote some of this, say that. They will more than likely put you up front.
He isn’t trying to take anything from you site. He praises a lot of them. Just remember we conservatives have to stand together to make this country what it started out to be.

  tencentsashine Says:

The problem with lots of the GOP these days is that they are lacking an idealogical compass. I’ve mixed feelings, but a loss for the GOP might help them get their bearings. Post-election we’ll all start hearing from the GOP visionaries (Newt for sure) and those who are positioning themselves for a presidential run. I would definitely be willing to take a hit now to see a better prepared GOP come the next presidential run. It seems to me that without something to shake them up, the GOP will be completely unready for 2008.

  bob roof Says:

Enjoy your 15 minute of fame. Your analysis is incorrect.

  Mary Lou Says:

I totally agree with Rush. If seems that “conservatives” feel it so elegant to put down Republicans. What they should be saying is if you put the Democrats in you have much higher taxes, more lawsuits, more radical judges, and a cut & run approach in Iraq, not to mention the runination of the Patriot Act. Keep up the good work. Here, here for Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, and the Ted Kennedy’s of the Democratic Party. What a disaster!

  HDCVax Says:

Rush? Do you kind of feel like Dumbledore getting a vomit- or earwax-flavored Bertie Bott Bean? Glenn and Rob? You are spit out!

  Don Says:

LOL!! Yes, yes ! Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, you Rush-hating lib-tard!

  Wordman Says:

Ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto (wait… what are we actually saying again? doesn’t matter…) ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto.


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