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This for using the word “ass” one time.

What’s more surprising is that Resurrection Song was rated R, which is where I found this thing. I’d have thought I’d be rated worse than he.

So just for the heck of it, I threw Velociworld in the engine:

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

That’s for 3 shits, 2 sexes and one bastard.



3 Responses to “Blog Rating”

  Velociman Says:

I am thrilled beyond measure.

  Velociworld Says:

Hide the Children…

Via my old pals Rob Sama and Resurrectionsong I find that my blog is rated Mingle2 – Online Dating How sweet is that? It seems the words shit, sex, and bastard are frowned upon by the authorities. Rotten cock is……

  Key Says:

See? Now I’m really hating myself for not being a better blog-keeper. Thanks to all of my lingering spam, I am NC 17 and then some, while PG 13 is probably more fitting. Uggh, it pulled up some nasty ones! RE Vman, well, he earned it!


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