Carnival Of The Capitalists

Welcome to this, the umteenth edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists. I’ve hosted it around my birthday since the carnival began. Feel free to have a look around while you’re here. Note that I have a “best of samaBlog” section in the sidebar on the right, if you’re looking for some of my writings to read. I’ve just come back from my honeymoon two weeks ago, and with all the holiday stuff going on and the insane amounts of snow here in Boston, I’m just a wee bit behind on my blogging. But I need to get this done, as I’ll be unable to do any of it tomorrow from work.

Incidentally, in reviewing these entries, it seems as the Carnival has become dominated by sole practitioners offering silly how-to type entries in blogs that have extraordinarily few entries to begin with, blogs infested with trackback spam, and submissions that seemingly have been made to every damn carnival under the sun. I used my editorial discretion to eliminate most of these types of submissions. If you don’t like that, go suck an egg. The Carnival I joined and have hosted for what, 4 years running, started out as a much more intellectual and frankly interesting enterprise than that. If it isn’t any more, then I’ll probably decline to come back next year…

So with THAT out of the way here it goes, with a heavy editorial hand:

Mike DeWitt tells us what he thinks isThe Best Business Book of 2008 in video form at Spooky Action.

Numerian questions the Fed’s recent actions in The Fed to the Rescue Yet Again, But at What Cost? at The Agonist.

Adam questions Andrew Keen’s economics regarding the Radiohead deal at Sophistpundit.

FSK suggests that real GDP growth has been negligible Since 1990 at FSK’s Guide to Reality.

Pamela Slim asks “How do you know when is the right time to quit your day job?” at her blog,Escape from Cubicle Nation.

FMF presents What to Do When You Have a High-Paying Job You Hate posted at Free Money Finance.

InsureBlog’s Bob Vineyard shows how Medicare fraud costs you and me to the tune of $60 billion.

Leon Gettler wrote about why personality tests by employers is problematic at his blog,Sox First.

Jay M writes about Business Plan Basics II at 4 entrepreneur.

Liz Fuller writes about Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs at her blog More Than WE Know.

Super Saver writes about How to Solve Our Federal Tax Code Issues at his blog My Wealth Builder.

Charles H. Green writes about how to maintain shareholder value by maintaining relationships at Trust Matters.

Shannon Christman lists Twelve Ways Advertisers Insult Consumers at Saving Advice Blog.

Wally Bock writes about the difference between management and leadership at his Leadership Blog.

Silicon Valley Blogger suggests 5 Steps To Safe Investing at The Digerati Life.

So there it is. Back to our regularly scheduled blogging.


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