Obama: The Glory Of The Olive

It’s gotta be tough predicting the future, via psychic means, that is. I mean surely, the further out into the future you try predicting, the more hazy the future must become. No wonder so many prophets use coded language like quatrains to try and describe what they’re seeing. It’s because they’re not really sure what they’re seeing in the first place. It’s no different than trying to gaze over long distances, where two objects standing next to each other may appear to be one.

And so undoubtedly it was with St. Malachy, who famously prophecized about every pope from his own time until the last pope ever. The funny thing is that his list has basically run out. Going sequentially from his time forward, Pope Benedict XVI is the penultimate pope, the so-called Olive Pope.

The previous pope was “De labore Solis”, or “Of the Labour of The Sun”. This correlates to Pope John-Paul II because he was born and died on a solar eclipse. The penultimate pope is described as “De Gloria Olivae” or “glory of the olive”. This has been interpreted in a number of different ways, including that the pope would hail from an olive growing region of the world, or that he would be olive skinned or even black. None of these adequately describe the current pope, though he did place an image of a Moore on his papal crest, a piece of iconography that comes form his home town in Germany.

I think that a better explanation is that somewhere in his prophecizing, the future looked somewhat hazy, and he started confusing one significant world leader with another, namely the pope with the President of the United States. This makes a certain amount of sense, in that the original name for Washington, DC was Rome, Maryland. At some point, Malachy started confusing one world renowned leader serving in Rome with another.

This probably started happening with Pope Jon Paul II was fighting communism alongside with Ronald Reagan. Reagan, of course, was re-elected president under the slogan, “Morning in America“, with ads featuring a sun drenched flag, and many morning scenes. Then, looking off on the distant horizon as Malachy was doing, seeing Reagan and John Paul II as one in the same, he only reported thereafter on the next significant “pope” to come down the pike. I posit that that next “pope”, the Glory Of The Olive, is none other than Barack Obama.

Of course, this pope is described as the penultimate pope, to be followed by “Peter of Rome” who will destroy the city. Given that we are currently undergoing an historic financial meltdown, one that has the potential to destroy the United States financial system as we know it, this is not an idle worry. The prophecy reads:

“During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, the seat will be occupied by Peter the Roman,
who will feed his sheep in many tribulations;
and when these things are finished, the seven-hilled city will be destroyed,
and the formidable Judge will judge his people.
The End.”

While nobody can say for sure who Petrus Romanus is, I posit that it is none other than General David Petraeus. While his name is Dutch, Petraeus certainly has the name that sounds like Roman version of the name Peter, but that is not all. Today, both the President and congress have approval ratings that are at historic lows, while the military has approval ratings at relative highs. The Federal Government finds itself in an intractable financial position with respect to entitlement spending. And there is no reason to believe that the current congress will do anything about it, Barack Obama or not. It makes sense, then, to imagine that the military may feel a need to step in, and take over. I posit that the general who will lead that effort will be none other than General David Petraeus.

When this happens, of course, it will mean the destruction of the US government, whose seat is on Capitoline Hill in a city once called Rome.

Mark my words. Should you have any further questions about the events of today or how they relate to prophecy, don’t hesitate to ask.

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