Reason #7,683,251 Why Facebook Is Evil

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For months somebody (I don’t know who) has been running a Facebook profile that bears my name, my personal information and several photos of me.

An old high school friend had connected with the faker, instead of me. Several of the people with whom fake Matt is friends also appeared to be fakes, including a copycat of Vertex Pharmaceuticals ( VRTX – news – people ) founder and chief executive Joshua Boger. (Boger has a real Facebook profile but isn’t friends with me. He declined to comment on the fakesters.) I couldn’t see this Fake Matt’s profile myself, even by searching for my name.

This is what their gated community breeds. It’s only natural, because how on earth would a real person know that their fake doppelganger exists without being able to browse and see even basic profile information? This is why I refuse to have anything to do with Facebook. And so should you.

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