Predictions 2012

Let’s just get right to it:

Q: Who will be the Republican nominee for President:
A: Mitt Romney

Q: Who will win the apparent Romney-Obama matchup?
A: Obama.

Q: What will the electoral map look like?
A: Almost identical to 2008, though Florida may flip to the Republican column. NH will also flip. I should emphasize that this is true if Romney is the nominee, as predicted above. If Romney is not the nominee, then the electoral map will be very different.

Q: Will the Euro survive 2012?
A: Probably, though it will be very weak by year’s end.

Q: Will Scott Brown win re-election?
A: No, but it will be a close election.

Q: Who will Ron Paul endorse in the general election?
A: He will not endorse either the Republican nominee nor Gary Johnson.

Q: What percentage of the vote will Gary Johnson get in 2012?
A: Around 2%. He will break 1 million votes.

Q: Will SOPA pass and be put in to law?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the next major terrorist attack be carried out by Americans against their own government?
A: Yes, though it certainly won’t happen until after the election, and not likely to happen in 2012.

Q: What price will Bitcoins be in $US at year end?
A: $50



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  Jay Says:

What rays of sunshine you bring! You are the 3rd Obama wins predictor I have seen, versus 1 saying he loses. From my perspective, victory for him seems so absurdly improbable without mass fraud, delusion, or his being Nehemiah Scudder sans evangelical trappings, I am surprised to see such a strong expectation. On the other hand, I know a lot of completely delusional people who believe anything said about the right or libertarians, and dismiss or have bot-like “party line” explanations for failings or madness on the left or socialist sides. I consider Obama winning again beyond bad for the country and world, if we even manage to survive what he’s done through 2012 when it’ll most likely be followed by one of the not-that-much-better jokers in the Republican field. Then again, I also have hope that SOPA fails. Even if it doesn’t, I am salivating to see the major sites deploy the nucular option in an effort to stop it.


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