Verizon FIOS Is A Big Giant FAIL!!!

Woke up early this morning to find my Internet service was down. Ahh yes, it’s Verizon FIOS. Called a tech support number only to have a voice prompt menu attempt to diagnose my router for me. Eventually got through to a human who told me that this was a planned outage for maintenance!!! He was apologetic on the phone, and said that they usually try to do those while people are sleeping. I told him that I’m paying for 24/7 service, and that he owed me a credit. He said he couldn’t handle it, but would transfer me to billing, which he did. And then Billing actually told me that they couldn’t handle my request, because THE OUTAGE AFFECTED THEM TOO! Somehow, it didn’t stop the tech support guy from looking up my account however…

You know, there are people with night tech support jobs who work from home, for whom 24/7 service is a matter of absolute necessity. How dare they think they can just turn the Internet off on their customers, without recompense or even A LITTLE WARNING!!!!

Thank god I have a wireless hotspot from Clear. That is how I’m posting this now. But shame on Verizon. I will be calling back later to demand my credit. You should too.

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