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Happy Easter – Amazon And Adobe Air

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

So it being Easter, I though I’d play Handel’s Messiah, only to find I didn’t in fact own it. So I went to to buy a copy, since they tend to be slightly cheaper than iTunes. So far so good, I bought the album, and I’m listening to it now.

After buying it, it encouraged me to load it onto Amazon’s new cloud music service. In also suggested loading my entire music library there with the use of an uploader tool. I thought that sounded like a fun experiment, so I proceeded to download and install the uploader. Upon watching it install, without permission, it began t install Adobe Air. Now maybe somewhere in the tiny terms of service it said that this was an Air app, but it certainly wasn’t billed as any such thing. I forced the installer to quit and deleted any files I could find from Adobe Air and the Amazon Uploader I could find.

If Amazon, a company which believes itself to be a software company, can’t be bothered to write native apps for one of the largest computing platforms out there, or even be bothered to notify users that the app they’re about to install isn’t native, then they really don’t deserve my business.

After I was done downloading Handel’s Messiah, the Amazon downloader app wanted me to download a new, upgraded version of the downloader. I declined. I declined because they lost my trust.

Try again Amazon. You can certainly do better than that.

BTW, I’m blogging this on my iPad using an app called Blogsy. It’s what the wordpress app should have been from the get go. I would highly recommend it to anyone who blogs with an iPad.


Several Days Ahead Of The Big Name Blogs

Friday, May 28th, 2010

So engadget says today that the new appleTV is going to be based on the iPhone OS:

The new ATV will do away with its current OS X-lite variation as a operating system, and will instead adopt the iPhone OS for the underlying experience. There’s no word at this point on whether apps and the App Store will be coming along for the ride, but it makes sense given the shared platform. Of course, scaling iPhone apps to that 52-inch plasma in your living room isn’t exactly a no-brainer. Perhaps not surprisingly, Apple won’t deliver the ATV news at the upcoming WWDC — that event will be focused on the capabilities of the new iPhone — but development on the product is most definitely full steam ahead.

They also mention that the device will only have a power in and a video out port, that it will put out a full 1080p and it will be priced at a $99. This doesn’t sound at all quite right. I have trouble imagining that any device meant to stream video at full 1080p wouldn’t come equipped with a gigabit Ethernet port. And while $99 strikes me as a low target price, it’s doubtful that apple has already established a price for a product that does not yet exist.

Furthermore it seems to me that the existence of an appleTV based on the iPhone OS is the best explanation as to why iPad apps are referred to as “HD”. My guess is that the resolution of the iPad is enough to display an app on an HD television screen. Moreover, if it weren’t then it would almost be required that apple announce the device in advance so that developers can get started working on apps for it. The only reason not to announce it early is that apps already work on it. Which I suspect they do.

More curious to me is the absence of a video-in port. This tells me that the device is not meant to act as a pvr. Could it be that they plan on selling streaming television provided directly from cable networks and other producers? Remember, Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder in Disney which owns ABC, who made an iPad app that basically throws all of the network’s content online Hulu style. In fact, only Comcast owned NBC seems to be resisting the move at this point. I think this device may be designed from the outset to make both broadcast and cable tv obsolete in one fell swoop, all the while facilitating the purchase of more content from the iTunes store and enabling the streaming of iTunes content from your PC. If that’s the case then it’s a bold move, and one that makes Google TV look like Child’s play.

I just wonder if Apple isn’t opening too many fronts against too many competitors at this point. Let’s just list briefly who apple will be competing against if the appleTV is delivered as described:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Adobe
  • Nintendo
  • Sony
  • Comcast
  • RIM
  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • HP

Am I missing anybody?

Finally I wrote this entire blog entry on my iPad using the web interface of WordPress. Not ideal, but it worked. I’d rather have had a dedicated WP application, but I really can’t stand the stretched iPhone versions of apps. I should hope that an iPad specific blogging tool is developed relatively soon, and if it already exists, plea keg me know what it is.

UPDATE: just discovered the WordPress app for iPad. Must have just been released because I looked for this a few days ago. Anyhow, looks decent so far. I’ll Include a review when I write a thorough review of my iPad, which I’ll do in late June after my vacation.


Safari 3.1

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Apple released Safari 3.1 today:

Safari 3.1 is out. Web Kit additions include support for local (i.e. not over the network) SQLite databases, CSS 3 web fonts, CSS transforms and transitions, and the new HTML 5

That last part is huge, and is intended to be an Adobe FLASH killer. I expect YouTube to announce their support for these new tags relatively soon, once enough downloads of the new Safari have taken place.

More here.