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I Blame Gay People

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

So here’s the latest unspeakable horror from Tuscon [emphasis mine]:

The night before the rampage, authorities say, Mr. Loughner, 22, dropped off at a drugstore a roll of 35-millimeter film containing images he had shot of himself posing with a Glock semiautomatic pistol while wearing a red G-string. […] In some of the photos Mr. Loughner is holding the gun near his crotch, and in others, presumably taken in a mirror, he is holding the gun next to his buttocks, investigators said. It was not clear when the photos were taken.

What could ever possess someone to make them wear a red g-string like that? And in photographs to boot?

I blame gay people and their incessant culture of gayness, permeating our minds and influencing the feeble-minded among us to do as they do and prance around in a g-string and act weird and shit. Someone really needs to do something.

UPDATE: In the event you couldn’t figure it out, this post is a joke. It is making fun of people who blame Jared Loughner’s behavior on talk radio and Sarah Palin. I’m sorry to have to ruin the joke by having to explain it, but to be perfectly clear, Jared Loughner was not wearing a thong because of gay people in general, or Liberace in particular. I’m sorry if that wasn’t immediately clear to some of you.


Jared Loughner Is a Muslim Fanatic

Monday, January 10th, 2011

The ridiculousness of the left’s accusations against Sarah Palin with regards to the Giffords shooting has been already covered by the right’s top bloggers. Glenn Reynolds has been all over the case, just go to Instapundit and keep scrolling, or read his summary in today’s Wall Street Journal. See also William Jacobson.

What I wish to do is connect a few dots here and see if I can uncover what exactly is going on inside the head of someone who willingly jumps to conclusions that aren’t supported by the facts; namely that a kid who has apparently had a long obsession with Giffords, an obsession that predates any map created by Palin, a kid who is recounted by his classmates as likely mentally ill, a kid who regards Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto as being among his favorite books, a kid who believes the government engages in mind control schemes, and a kid described by former classmates as being “left wing, and quite liberal“, that kid was a Tea Partier or at least Sarah Palin/Tea Party influenced, and shot Giffords because Sarah Palin and right wing talk radio in effect instructed him to do it.

Well then. If that’s fair play I may as well call Loughner a Muslim fanatic while we’re at it.

Sure, I suppose some of this is wishful thinking on the left. There have been no shortage of open fantasies on the left about an Oklahoma City type disaster to bolster Obama’s approval ratings, and in this shooting they see what they have been wishing for. But I think that there’s something else going on as well. Consider the following three events: The Giffords shooting, the Fort Hood Shooting, and those “I am an American” ads that the left ran just after 9-11. In the case of the Giffords shooting, the left immediately tried to pin the blame for it on America’s right of center politicians and commentators. With the Fort Hood shooting, there was long attempts to calm everybody down, and tell them not to “Jump to conclusions” about the perpetrator being a Muslim or being motivated by Muslim fanaticism.

But it was the “I am an American” ads that were worst. In the face of one of the most bloody acts of hate ever perpetrated by one group against another, the American left sought not to lecture those who perpetrated those acts against us for their hate, but to lecture those who had been violated not to judge. It was an astonishing moment of moral perversity. But one that illuminates their shaded worldview. Taken together, the left’s reaction to these three events tells us that the left believes that Americans (if not the West in general) are hair-trigger crazies ready to explode into violence at any moment.

This accusation creates an intentional catch-22 for the right. When violence occurs, terrorism especially, one cannot react lest one plays into the stereotype, thus reinforcing the narrative. One cannot respond forcefully or angrily without reinforcing the narrative, that you’re ready to explode into violence at a moment’s notice. The purpose is to render the right impotent. The planned catch-22 doesn’t surprise me. It’s the classic purpose of any loaded question (“So Socrates, are you still beating your wife?”) What I learned by the rapid fire reaction to it, from seemingly all quarters of the left, the organized left and just random lefties around me, is that for many it’s not an intentional loaded insult. Many on the left actually believe it.

It’s one thing when you spread false rumors for a specific purpose, but its quite another when you believe your own lies.

And I’ve come to believe that they really do. One twitterer retweeted by Andrew Brietbart wrote, “That’s why an equal number of conservatives and liberals have been assassinated I suppose. JFK, RFK, MLK, Moscone, Milk etc”. Except that JFK was a conservative Democrat assassinated by an avowed communist. And RFK was assassinated by a Palestinian national. And MLK was assassinated by a racist, not a Republican. And Moscone and Milk were assassinated by a guy who felt like he’d been slighted for a political job. But they maintain a myth in their heads that these were all right wing guys out to get them. It’s a flattering self-delusion, but a delusion nonetheless.

It’s also an insult to us on the right, those of us who work to put forward thinking arguments to advance a cause, who would like to be met with arguments back. But instead, we’re taking a weekend and probably the better part of the week if not longer, pointing out the obvious, that we’re not behind Giffords’ shooting.

So I guess if I have any message to the left, it’s “Get over yourselves”. You’re not important enough to anyone on the right to want to shoot. Your arguments are full of holes, which is precisely why we don’t have to or want to put holes in you.

Good day.