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Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

WHY does this not exist in Boston?????

A group called Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling has for six years packed bars around this city with its lampoons of World Wrestling Entertainment, the pro league. Cast members have included a husky everyman who likes to tick off environmentalists by boasting about chopping down trees, and Ronald McFondle, a raunchy rendition of a clown character, who finishes off his opponents with a lewd gesture. They grapple on foam pads placed on stages in bars, not in rings.[...]

The Seattle league calls itself “fight cabaret” — in essence, theater with singlets, suplexes and sweat, as unworthy of regulation as a Shakespeare play. “It’s a bunch of grown men and women in costumes pretending to be professional wrestlers,” says David Osgood, the league’s lawyer. “It is to wrestling as ‘West Side Story’ is to actual gang relations.”

Read the rest of the article here, including pictures of the wrestlers (McFondle is #4).

And visit the Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling website, which also includes pictures and bios of the wrestlers, including McFondle.