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Sunday, December 30th, 2012

I suppose I ought to make some predictions for the upcoming year. It’s not an election year, so I suppose the predictions won’t be about any election results (well, regular election results). But we can have some fun nevertheless. Feel free to play along at home or in the comments:

Q: What new products will Apple release?
A: Since I have already stated that they will do a watch and it has since appeared in print that they are in fact working on one, I’ll stick with that. I’ll also stick with my earlier prediction of an iPhone nano. Regarding a TV I’ll say this, if they so come out with a TV, it will be reminiscent of the new iMac, super thin with tapered edges.

Q: What will happen with the fiscal cliff?
A: We will go over it, and eventually negotiations will cease as everyone slowly realizes that this is exactly what the President wants. In other words, there will be no deal.

Q: What will happen with the debt ceiling?
A: Boehner will extend it in exchange for some token concessions or even promises of concessions some years out.

Q: How much longer does Boehner remain speaker of the house?
A: He’ll be out by Memorial Day.

Q: Who will replace Boehner as speaker of the house?
A: It will be a dark horse. Somebody unexpected.

Q: Is Hillary Clinton actually sick? What is she up to?
A: She is not sick. I think she is just done with politics, and wants out. She especially doesn’t want to answer for what happened in Bengazi, because she’s being set up to be the fall guy when she doesn’t think that what happened was her fault.

Q: Will David Gregory be prosecuted for violating Washington DC’s gun laws?
A: You’re kidding, right?

Q: Will any new gun control laws be passed at the federal level as a result of the Newtown massacre?
A: No new gun laws will pass the house, thus no new gun laws will pass.

Q: Will Scott Brown win the special election for John Kerry’s seat in Massachusetts?
A: I’m going to say no on this one. Radicals are pretty energized and they won’t let him win again. Plus Brown pissed off a lot of his base, making them less than energized.

Q: What will the price of bitcoins be at year’s end?
A: Around $30.

I guess that’s it since I can’t think of anything else. Let me know what you think. We’ll revisit this in a year as usual.


Scott Brown On The Nude Machines

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Sen. Scott Brown’s office wrote me back, after I wrote to him asking that the nude scanning machines be removed, and the groping be ceased. I don’t think he’s on the same page with us as of yet:

Dear Mr. Sama,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the SAFER AIR Act of 2010 (S. 3536). I always value the input of my constituents on all issues and appreciate hearing from you.

As you know, on June 24, 2010, Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) introduced the SAFER AIR Act, which would implement new forms of airport screening technology. S. 3536 would authorize the use of full-body scan machinery to search for weapons, explosives, or other hazardous materials that are otherwise undetectable. Additionally, the bill would prohibit the Department of Homeland Security from retaining images used in airport scanning, and also require that faces of individual be blurred.

Currently, S. 3536 is under review by the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, where it awaits further action. While I am not a member of this committee, I will certainly monitor the progress of the bill. As a member of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, the safety of our airports, flights, and passengers is a top priority for me and I continue to be actively engaged on these issues. I also understand potential concerns surrounding the privacy of travelers and believe Congress must consider that when forming transportation safety policy.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I will keep your views in mind should the Senate consider the SAFER AIR Act. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or visit my website at

Scott P. Brown
United States Senator

Bob Bennett was ejected from office for being out of touch with his constituents. Given his introduction of a bill authorizing the use of nude scanners at airports, that seems to have been a good decision by the people of Utah. Senator Brown doesn’t take any particular position in the email above. Let’s hope the pressure pushes him in the direction of removing the machines and stopping the sexual assault of ordinary Americans.

Support the 4th Amendment!


So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Friday, April 30th, 2010

So I was listening to WBUR this morning on the way into work and they were talking about these new restrictive fishing rules being set up, which take effect tomorrow. I tried to find an article on WBUR’s website on this to link to but failed. So far as I can tell, the new rules do three things:

  1. Restrict the total catch for fishermen to 1/10 what they were previously allowed.
  2. Force fishermen into groups (shares, they called them) where the restrictions on how much fish they could catch was allocated to the group, not the individual fishermen. This means that potentially the first fisherman out for the season can catch all the allowed fish for the season and the rest of the members of the group go belly up (no pun intended).
  3. Make fishermen who accidentally catch a fish that they’re not licensed to catch lose their license for the season. So if you drop a net and pull up one fish that you weren’t supposed to catch, you’re toast.

The guy they interviewed said he thought the new rules were designed to put fishermen out of business, and its hard to disagree. WBUR then interviewed someone from the state fishing board, who proceeded to say some pretty incredible things. He acknowledged that these measures would cause fish prices to rise at the supermarket, but he also went on to say that we here in New England have been spoiled by the general availability of fresh fish like cod and haddock, and that people in Nebraska didn’t generally have access to fresh fish like that, and that we would have to just make due.

The worst part about it all s that the fisherman they had been interviewing said that stocks have been replenished, and that there is no risk of extinction or depletion off the coast of Massachusetts any more. He cited some scientific study. WBUR reporters never put someone on to refute that claim, so I would have to guess he was telling the truth.

So this is asinine on too many levels to count. Frankly, one of the reasons I like living in New England, despite the high costs, is because we can get fresh seafood. I eat fresh fish maybe twice a week. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure what the results of this will be… increased imports from Canada? Black markets for illegally harvested fish? I don’t know. What I do know is that that fisherman on the air had $400k in loans out to support his business, and he’ll no longer be able to catch the fish to support those loans. He’s done for.

I also know that despite having an all Democrat delegation in a Democratically controlled congress for the last 5 years, nobody has seen fit to do anything about this other than offer some words of condolence. It’s like the health care bill, where nobody in the congressional delegation tried to stop this stupid tax on medical devices, a tax that will adversely impact the Massachusetts economy disproportionately. Yet none of our supposedly powerful democrats tried to do squat to stop it. Scott Brown campaigned against it and got elected, but by then it was too late.

So I feel bad for the Gloucester fishermen, but I also have to wonder how they’ve been voting all these years.

In any event, the local paper has a decent editorial about the issue:

Remember those promises to get the economy moving again?

Forget it. Not here. Not in Gloucester — not in any New England community that’s economically tied to the proud fishing industry; not anywhere in the nation where small-boat fishermen go about their trade to supply the nation and the world with seafood — and protein.

Around here, and across Ocean Nation, the Obama administration, through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is all about destroying jobs and driving small business into bankruptcy in the name of protecting fish stocks that, in many cases, no longer need protection.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Found the WBUR article.


Senate Results By Congressional District

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I’d heard a rumor on the radio that Barney Frank’s district actually voted for Brown. So I looked around online, and I couldn’t find any breakdown of how the election went by congressional district. So I went ahead and did my best to pull the numbers together for myself. Starting with the election results posted at the Boston Globe, I tabulated the results by congressional district. There are four municipalities that are split into multiple congressional districts. They are: Boston, Fall River, Hanson and Wayland. I was unable to find published results that were broken down by town wards and precincts, so for Boston and Fall River I split the results in 2, as they looked to be roughly evenly divided, and for the other two I split by the number of precincts in each district, one split into thirds and the other into quarters. I’ve published the spreadsheet here (too big for google docs apparently).

So the results I came up with are presented below. I’ve highlighted in red any precinct which Brown won. In my mind, we ought to have strong Republicans running in each of the congressional districts in which Brown ran, and probably even in the 9th district, which was lost by 1%.

Apparently, the congressmen are worried. So we should feel confident.



Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


Congratulations and thanks to Scott Brown! Best $300 I ever spent. Seriously.


Massachusetts Miracle

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Bear Witness:


The Case For Scott Brown

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

So Rasmussen shows Scott Brown within 9 points of Martha Coakley, and one poll even shows Brown ahead. It would appear that people are less than enthused by Coakley, and are ready to consider the alternative.

So given that this is a real race, I thought it would be a good idea to make the case for Scott Brown. In particular, I want to make the case to those of you who are independent voters or who tend to vote for the Democrat, though not consistently. You should vote for or support Scott Brown because he is principled while his opponent is not, he’s a man of character where his opponent is not, his election would represent a giant slap in the face of the national Republican Party leadership, and most importantly, his election may be the last legislative opportunity to kill this insane health care bill moving through congress right now.


Martha Coakley is a typical Massachusetts beta Democrat, which is to say that she will do what the Democrat leadership tells her to do. This is a phenomenon that I’m not sure is seen in many other parts of the country. In Massachusetts, the representatives consistently vote the way their leadership tells them to vote, and never vote to replace their leadership, even when it’s corrupt or just plain embarrassing. Coakley fits this mold.

Coakley won the nomination by playing for the female vote, partly just by being the only woman in the race, but more importantly by saying that she would stand firm and vote against the health care reform bill as it currently stood, because it contained restrictions on abortion funding. This won Coakley not only the nomination, but accolades from around the country. But of course, it was only words. As soon as she’d won the nomination, she backtracked, and became Harry Reid’s beta, pledging to vote for the bill as it stood.

There is no reason whatsoever to promote such people. Politics of every stripe tends to corrupt over time. And it requires independent thinkers to stop the rot from infecting our governing bodies. On a national level, Republicans failed to stop their internal party rot and created a mess in their wake. On the state level, Massachusetts Democrats have had 3 successive Speakers of the House indicted. This is not a path that anyone should want to follow, regardless of party.

Coakley is not a principled Democrat. She’s a beta-Democrat, a party hack, and party hacks cause the demise of their parties, sooner or later.

Scott Brown, on the other hand, is a principled and deliberative, moderate Republican. His stands have been consistent over the years on matters such as tax cuts. But he voted for Romney-care as well, and is active in trying to learn lessons from our experience with it and adapt. Scott Brown isn’t anybody’s beta, and he will be an independent voice that Massachusetts can be proud of, regardless of your party preferences.


The health care flip-flop is not the first time or even the most important time where Coakley has shown an utter lack of character. When Coakley was Middlesex County Attorney General, Gerald Amirault had come up for parole. Gerald Amirault, for those not familiar, was wrongfully convicted of sexually abusing children in his family run day care center. This was during the paranoid craze of the 1980’s, and the children in the day care center were induced into telling stories about how they were abused. But because nothing had actually happened, the children told, well, tall tales of how robots abused them and the like. The whole thing should have been thrown out, but after 15 years in prison, well after the child abuse craze of the 1980’s had subsided, it had become readily apparent to just about everybody that this guy was innocent, and deserved his freedom.

But Coakley wanted to burnish her tough on crime credentials, and so she worked overtime to keep Amirault in prison. She was successful, keeping him in prison for another 3 years. Anyone who cares about justice and about freeing the wrongfully convicted should be absolutely disgusted by Coakley’s actions.

But if she were some sort of Joe Arpaio, then at least it would all fit into a consistent narrative. But she isn’t. When a Somerville cop raped his 23 year old niece with a hot object, Coakely couldn’t be motivated to act. She convened a grand jury as was her duty, but couldn’t manage to get an indictment. Only after the victim’s family pressed criminal charges did Coakley reluctantly act. Now maybe Coakley’s reticence was due to her being a beta-Democrat, and this was a connected cop or some such thing. But either way, it displays an appalling lack of character, which should preclude her from being promoted to the US Senate. Here’s a good rundown of her other appalling cases.

Scott Brown, on the other hand, is a normal family man. He’s served in the National Guard for 29 years, and has been a practicing lawyer for 25 and serving on Beacon Hill for 11 years. His daughter is a noted singer who placed well on American Idol. And basically, there are no scandals regarding the guy. It’s hard to write on and on about a man’s character when it’s not plagued with flaws. But put it this way, electing Scott Brown will not cause us any embarrassment. The same simply can’t be said of Coakley.


Nobody likes the national Republican party leadership. And by no one I mean no one. The RNC seems to have learned nothing form it’s electoral losses in 2006 and 2008, and has spent millions of dollars promoting a RINO republican in upstate New York who rank and file party members rebelled against. And they tried to stick us with former Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card as our Republican nominee. When the rank and file of local Republicans told Card to take a hike, the national GOP cut Brown off from funding, abandoning the race.

Electing Scott Brown would be a thumb in the eye of the national Republican Party leadership. It would be the perfect way to tell them that they have no idea what they’re doing, which they don’t. But perhaps more importantly, unlike beta-Democrat Coakley who is beholden to her party’s edicts, Scott Brown will arrive in Washington owing nothing to his leadership. If anything, they’ll be the ones who owe him. And that would put Brown in an enviable position in the United States Senate, even in the minority party.

So if you want an independent voice in Washington who will command respect and get his way, Scott Brown is the only candidate for you.

Killing Health Care Reform

Let’s face it: nobody likes this health care bill. Nobody. It is lacking the public option that Democrats so wanted, and it creates government mandates and intrusions that the right abhors. And to get this bill even to the stage it’s currently at, the Democratic leadership had to cut innumerable unsavory deals, deals which at their best constitute spending $100 million here and $100 million there, and at their worst exempt whole states from the costs and cuts which the other states have to bear. It’s not the way that the legislative process ought to work, whether you are broadly speaking in favor of more government intervention or against it.

In the United States, 85% of people are satisfied with the health care they receive. Moreover, unemployment is now up over 10%, and there is no end in sight to the economic downturn caused by the financial meltdown. What’s more, it’s become apparent to everyone in the country that the measures we’ve been taking to stop terrorists from infiltrating our airplanes have been absolutely ineffective. In such a world, health care can afford to take a back burner position until the other issues are sorted out. And it should take such a position.

Health care reform, whatever form it takes, whether it be a government takeover or a John Mackey style reform, is a complex matter that deserves ample time to be debated and deliberated. There is no need to ram something through just because they can.

So if you want to stop this train wreck, and you should, then you need to support Scott Brown. Like Obi Wan, he’s our only hope.

Now I’m aware that there are shenanigans afoot to keep Scott Brown from being seated until the bill is passed, should he win the election. I will simply say like Obi Wan being struck down, denying Scott Brown his vote should he be elected will not only make Brown a more formidable force in the future, but it will make the entire Tea Party movement more powerful than it ever was before. I suspect that the powers that be in Massachusetts and in the Democratic leadership nationally will regret the day they denied Brown his senate seat. If you think it’ll be a november slaughter for Democrats as it currently stands, then it will be nothing short of a cataclysm if they deny Brown his seat.

Just watch.


If you live in Massachusetts, vote for Scott Brown next Tuesday, January 19. If you live here or not, you should support him financially. I gave him $250 already, and will give more on their money bomb tomorrow, January 11. Support Scott Brown in any way you can.

It’s rare when you can have an election where the choices are so stark, so clear. Vote for Scott Brown. You’ll be glad you did, and the country will be grateful.


Andy Card???

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Are you kidding me???

There is no circumstance under which I will vote for Andy Card for anything.


And now Scott Brown is out. Great.

Let’s hope one of the Libertarians jumps in…

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